Skin Laser

Skin Laser

Aging gracefully is a wonderful thing, but there’s no reason to resign yourself to looking anything less than your best when quick options are available that skillfully avoid any drastic downtime from your daily life. The Gentalmax Pro skin laser could be the answer you’re seeking.

The GentleMax laser has 755nm & 1064 nm wavelengths and is a single consolidated system that offers an assortment of treatments. It’s used for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening amongst other things. It also provides permanent hair reduction on skin types of every kind.

Many of our clients see faster results in less time and say the the treatment is painless.

A minimally invasive procedure capable of targeting and treating specific areas, the Gentalmax Pro skin laser uses intense, visible broadband light to help turn back the clock on sun-damaged skin showing signs of redness, brown spots, age spots, acne scarring, birthmarks, excess blood vessels, skin blotchiness and other unsightly blemishes. Ideal for improving the face, your Fusion Spa esthetician can also perform treatments on your chest, neck and hands.

During a procedure, clients don protective eyewear. A trained professional then applies the smooth treatment surface of the machine to the client’s gel-covered skin, where light pulses are delivered.

Unlike other alternative treatments seeking similar results and requiring dramatic downtime in the aftermath, clients undergoing a Gentalmax Pro skin laser treatment at Fusion Spa can expect going on with their lives with no interruptions and very few side effects. (A brief, visible skin response following treatment should be expected, although that can easily be concealed with makeup.)

Typical treatments with your Fusion Spa technician will last about 30 minutes, with possible minimal discomfort only during the session. Usually, a series of treatments will be needed, with improvement progressing gradually – helping avoid any dramatic changes in appearance, if privacy is also a client’s priority.



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January 23, 2015