Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Let’s face the ugly facts. Traditional makeup is a messy, inconvenient proposition that runs, smears and leaves you looking less than your very best after a workout, an evening out on the town or just living your daily life. Permanent makeup might offer the perfect solution.

Tracing roots back to at least the turn of the 20th century, permanent makeup (also known as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and dermapigmentation) is a time-tested solution for clients looking for a better cosmetic approach to beauty. The idea is simplicity itself.

Performed by professionals like an experienced Fusion Spa permanent makeup expert, the process is a form of tattooing involving the implanting of pigment under the skin. Areas of focus include permanent eyelining and eye makeup, permanent eyebrow makeup, and permanent lip makeup. Although the passage of time may require future touch-up work, natural looking permanent makeup enables clients to essentially leave the cosmetics aisle behind, because these colors will not wash away.

Have no worries about matching your favorite cosmetic product’s colors. A professional permanent makeup artist works with you to match the colors of products you prefer, or offers suggestions that might even enhance your appearance.

Typically the initial permanent makeup application process will last slightly more than two hours, with brief touch-up sessions following.

Why wait? Explore how permanent makeup can improve your quality of life today by freeing you of the burdens involving regular makeup application that simply steals valuable time from your lifestyle.



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January 23, 2015