There’s healthy, youthful skin hiding beneath the surface of your face, simply waiting to break through and let your inner beauty or rugged handsomeness shine. Microdermabrasion (also known as microderm) is the gentle cosmetic procedure tailor-made to help you unveil that luminous beauty in the amount of time usually needed to escape for a 30-minute lunch break.

Microdermabrasion rejuvenates your sun-damaged skin by erasing the top layer of dry, dead skin cells — usually through the use of a minimally abrasive vacuum-like microderm machine buffeting your skin with tiny crystals that provide a buffing effect. Crystals and dead skin are then returned to the machine, leaving behind refreshed skin in an entirely painless process. (Microdermabrasion shouldn’t be confused with the surgically invasive dermabrasion procedure usually performed in a medical setting.)

Results are breathtaking for every skin type in this microdermabrasion exfoliation treatment. Age spots caused by sun damage disappear. Fine lines and wrinkles can take a brief hiatus. Acne can be dealt a severe blow, with microdermabrasion clearing clogged pores responsible for those unsightly facial blemishes; additionally, acne scars can be reduced. And finally, enlarged pores can be tightened.

Sadly, all these benefits are temporary because our own biology works against us. Typically our skin regenerates after roughly 30 days – erasing the benefits of a treatment session — and making return trips to your experienced esthetician at Fusion Spa an essential part of your established personal beauty regimen.



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January 23, 2015